Here is a selection of frequently asked questions. Please take the time to read before contacting me. 

Where are you based?


Devon and Bristol and surrounding areas.

Do you travel for jobs?


Yes I can travel anywhere in the UK and abroad but travel expenses and accommodation do need to be factored into the price.


Do you visit to quote? 

If you are very local to me then yes otherwise I am too busy and have too many enquires to visit all potential jobs!


If you would like a quote please contact me with details of what you are looking for in regards to the design and if possible pictures of the space and dimensions. 

What paint do you use?


I use predominately spray paint and use a variety of brands depending on the surface and desired finish. We can discuss these options more at the time or if you have specific questions please get in touch.


What about the Design?


I can create you a custom design using your ideas and examples. For this I usually create them  digitally mocking the design up on a template of your space.




Before any design work can start I require a deposit of 150 pounds to cover myself over this stage. Once deposit is received I can then scheduled you in and start on your bespoke design.


For larger jobs another pre payment may be required to cover the cost of supplies.


How long does it take?


Years of experience means I work fast and efficiently, but Every job is different and time depends on the complexity of the artwork and the size of the space, Please contact me with more details of your project and I can forecast a time scale.


Vans Campers and vehicles


What vehicles do you paint?


Any and all vehicles from cars to busses. There is a limit to the detail I can do on smaller vehicles.


Where do you work from?


I work predominantly from a indoor space in Exeter to paint vehicles. Over the summer months I can be mobile and work on location if you have a suitable space.


How long do you need the vehicle for?


This does depend on the size of vehicle and complexity of the design. But you are looking at between minim thee days. larger vans or complex designs take more like six days.


Do you prep the vehicles?


Yes I sand and primer all vehicles before painting. If you want to do this yourself you are more than welcome and will be reflected in the final price.


What Preparation do I need to do?


I ask that all vehicles arrive clean and free from mud and dirt. 


Do you do repairs?


I can treat rust spots and fill holes or rust patches. I do not have the facilities to repair dents in the body work.


Do you lacquer the vehicles?


Yes we usually do two coats of 2k lacquer with a choice of matt or gloss. If more coats are required this is possible at extra charge. The end result is not as shinny as a new car but does seal the artwork in nicely.



Is the end finish smooth?


Due to the layers of paint and the artwork being a painting there is some texture to the final piece. I use high quality spray paint which does leave a lovey finish but this is a painting not a normal car finish paint job.


Can you paint the bumpers?


Yes at an additional charge.



What alter care do I need to be aware of?


I recommend that all customer do not use a pressure washer or car wash on the vehicles afterwards or use anything too abrasive as too to prolong the life of the artwork.


Re lacquering the vehicle after a few years is advised to protect the life artwork.



Collection and return.


If you require me to collect your vehicle and return it to you this can be arrange at an additional fee. I am covered on my insurance to drive other vehicles third party. Please contact me if you wish to discuss this option.

Any other questions or if you would like to chat about your project please get in touch via the contact page.